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In fact, Reno Air commenced operations on 1July1992. Wonderful airline and really fantastic people (lots of whom were being Halfway Airlines orphans). I was related to it from inception to last integration with AA. I retired from AA in 2006 just after the company closed the Reno MX facility.

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Excellent look at a great deal of Airways I get the job done with or flew on you did pass up Westernpacific Airways which started out from Colorado springs and had the Simpsons on 1 of their aircraft. Enjoy to grasp mopre about your internet site

I actually liked the “excursion down airline memory lane”. My aviation qualifications begun in 1956 plus the nostalgia was recently piqued at the Oshkosh Air Experience.

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Terrific to have a look at all the photos, however , you forgot about Air South located in Columbia, SC. I knew a handful of people today that labored for them. Great minor

Unsure if you wish to split hairs in this article, but technically Allegheny Airlines isn't defunt. When it absolutely was rebranded as UsAir, then UsAirways, component and parcel it’s still the Main of UsAirways.

I had A lot exciting with these Recollections. I’m glad somebody corrected the mistake about Nationwide Airways getting NOT filed bankruptcy.

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Attention-grabbing simple fact: It operated a Unique toll-no cost number located in New Jersey in between the 60s and 80s that demanded asking the telephone operator for variety WX-8300. Also, comic George Carlin as soon as acted to be a spokesperson for look at this now the airline.

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